Canine Designer - Becky Nielsen

Meet Becky Nielsen - the founder and designer of her namesake firm, Becky Nielsen Interiors, based in Los Angeles, California. Prior to establishing her own firm, Becky spent time working in New York City and later held the senior position at Mark D. Sikes Interiors. Inspired by her southern upbringings and East and West Coast adult life, Becky’s style fuses a love of classic design with a modern and approachable flair. 

We caught up with Becky Nielsen to learn more about her dog Charlie and the Dogwood bed she designed for her new home in Venice Beach.

Most importantly - tell us about your dog! Name, breed, size, age? How would you describe his/her personality?

Charlie! He is a pomapoo (pomeranian/poodle mix) and turned 10 in January. He is my first NYC apartment dog and has been with me through my entire adult life (New York City, to LA). He's very friendly and sweet, but a little anxious in his old age. He loves everyone and everything, but mostly loves to be held or snuggle up with a toy in his bed. 


Where in your home is your Dogwood bed? Can you tell us about the room a bit?

It's in my Dining Room - Charlie lays in it while we eat each meal. The bed sometimes moves around the house with us because he loves it so much and understands it’s “his bed” and now goes there as a command to sit and chill out ;)

What fabric did you choose and how does it work with the existing design elements? What inspired the overall combination? 

I chose a custom Rogers and Goffigon fabric (one of my favorites that has now been discontinued!). It's a beautiful light aqua block print.  

What is your general approach to living with a dog? When designing your home was there anything you took into consideration given your dog?

I have to say I'm spoiled with a small, hypoallergenic dog. He's very clean, and doesn't take up a lot of space. We let him on all the furniture. If I were to have a larger dog, I think I would be much more protective of my furniture.


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Dark Walnut Stain with custom fabric cover