Canine Designer - Julia Amory

Meet Julia Amory - the founder of India Amory, a lifestyle and home goods brand working with authentic Indian block prints that brings beautiful textiles to the tables, closets, and more to homes around the country.

We caught up with Julia to learn more about her dogs, Grace and Hudson, and her India Amory x Dogwood bed. Instructions for how to order an India Amory cushion cover for your Dogwood bed are at the end!


Tell us about your dogs! Name, breed, size, age? How would you describe their personalities?

We have two dogs, a 9 lb English Cream Dachshund named Gracie and an enormous lab mix named Hudson. Gracie is the boss - very demanding, naughty and disobedient and Hudson is a happy blob who might be part sloth. They're very good friends and she bosses him, and everyone else in the house around all day.

Where in your home is your Dogwood bed? Can you tell us about the room a bit?

Our Dogwood beds are upholstered in India Amory Legume and work perfectly in our kitchen in Southampton which is a similar color scheme. The high gloss finish of the beds echoes the painted white floors and look clean and crisp in the space. Since it's a room we all gather in when people are cooking it's so nice for the dogs to have their own chic place to hang as well.

What fabric did you choose and how does it work with the existing design elements? What inspired the overall combination? 

The fabric we chose was what precipitated Emily and my idea to offer Dogwood beds in India Amory fabrics - we've been friends for a long time and it's been so fun to collaborate and bring our two companies together. I chose Legume as it's one of my favorite IA prints, hides dirt and looks crisp and perfect in our green and white kitchen.


What is your general approach to living with dogs? When designing your home was there anything you took into consideration given your dogs?

Dogs rule our life....they're all over ALL of our furniture. In an attempt to conceal paw prints we use vintage quilts on most of our upholstery and throw them in the wash or switch them out weekly....prints are also a great way to conceal evidence of dogs which makes the IA fabrics the perfect option for your Dogwood bed!

Follow the steps below to purchase your own India Amory X Dogwood bed!


Head to India Amory Tablecloths Page and pick a round OR rectangular tablecloth in stock on our site. 

Please note ONE rectangular tablecloth can make: 

  • 1 Large and 1 Small bed,
  • 2 Medium beds,
  • 1 Medium and 1 Small bed or
  • 2-3 Small beds

If you would like to make a different configuration of dog beds (i.e. 2 large beds), you will need to order more than 1 tablecloth. 


At India Amory checkout put the Dogwood address into the shipping fields (see below). Please checkout separately if you are ordering more than your IA x Dogwood tablecloth.


c/o Emily Bostwick 

1035 Friendly Road

Oyster Bay, NY 11771


Now head over to the Dogwood Site to order your dog bed! 

- Choose either the Stained Basket or Painted Basket Dog Bed Option

- Choose Size of the Dog Bed  (Small, Medium, Large) See Size Guide 

- Choose Color (Navy/White/Black/Custom) or Stain (Pecan/Dark Walnut/Custom) of the Basket 

- In the Fabric Section select “Custom” and enter:

India Amory, the Pattern Name of the Tablecloth you ordered, and the Order # of your IA order 

(e.g., India Amory Legume Tracking #1234567)

- Enter YOUR billing and shipping details and hit confirm.

- Wait 3-4 weeks for your IA x Dogwood bed to ship. (See further details regarding lead time below.)

- Send us pics of your pooch enjoying his/her new bed!

Lead Time

In order to allow for transit time of India Amory material and made to order production of dog bed, lead time is 3-4 weeks upon ordering both IA and Dogwood components. You will be contacted if for any reason your order is delayed.

Cleaning & Care

To prevent dust, dirt, and pet hair accumulation, we recommend regular vacuuming or brushing on your cushion cover.

To clean your bed fabric, remove insert and either dry clean or wash on delicate and air dry.

We recommend using Scotchguard Fabric Water Shield, which can be found on