As a dog lover, former home store owner, and interior decorator, I spent years looking for dog products that were classic in style as well as functional. Frustrated by the lack of options, I set about to create a product for dogs with an elevated aesthetic.  I wanted to create something that would work with the traditional home decor style I love and that dogs would actually use. 

After living with dogs all my life that use human furniture as if it were their own, I started thinking - why not use the types of fabrics and materials I decorate homes with for dog furniture?  Why can’t I apply interior decorating principles to create dog products that work with people’s home decor, rather than against it?

With the help of Caper, my Jack Russell, working as a guinea pig dog bed tester, I developed the customizable wicker dog bed frame and mix and match fabric cushion cover. I love wicker because it is a tried and true material that works with virtually any home decor, and I hope you will find the fabrics are classic and adaptable (and if you don’t you can always send me something else!).

My goal in creating Dogwood is to create a product that is fun and easy to make your own and that will bring you, your home, and your dog, much joy.

Happy shopping!

Emily (and Caper)